Can Soccer Become a Top Sport in the US?

North America has long been praised for its love of sports, especially of the ones where victory is achieved thanks to a strong team. The stadiums are always full; the high school life erupts with roars and brings students, teachers, and parents together; themed bars spring up like mushrooms where fans can cheer and cry on floors covered with beer; the media follows players every step of their way. The community wakes up as if the year is divided not by the weather seasons but by the top sports' seasons.

Is There a Place for Soccer?

Not every sport enjoys such devotion. There is an audience for everybody, but only four sports receive this grand, nationwide worship: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. If no other team sport has managed to reach their standard, then soccer might just be finding its way to become the next one in the rank list.

It is interesting how soccer presents itself as a colossal phenomenon in the whole world, while the US has been overlooking it as more of a children's sport. To look at it from the perspective of a constant fight between American football and soccer is unsubstantial because the two sports are just as different as are basketball and volleyball. The confusion comes from the use of “football” to describe soccer in the rest of the world. So soccer should not be rejected based on a comparison between the two and the long-lasting history of American football.

Growing and Expanding

In the last few years, however, soccer has been on the ball to find its way under the skin of North Americans. Although older generations might prefer to stick to their traditions of baseball and football, while others might indulge in the glamour that a good NBA game offers, numbers have spoken. According to Forbes magazine journalist Filip Bondy, more and more members of the American youth choose soccer as their favorite sport.

Soccer was brought to the USA by immigrants coming from Europe to work. A sport once played in the backyards of more impoverished neighborhoods, it started gaining prominence. Since the last Century, it has taught children great lessons about teamwork, respect, and diligence. As the continent opens up to other cultures, there is no reason why such a beloved sport would not become another admired spectacle.

The Youth Gets the Last Word

Of course, the historical weight of the top four American sports is ingrained in US consciousness, and it is hardly possible that another sport will replace them. But adding is not replacing. Prime TV has understood the impact that this sport has on the economy and has started showing the World Cup. With the young soccer aficionados growing up and becoming the workforce of the country, soccer has a chance of joining the high league. So if the answer to the question of whether soccer will become the next top sport is yet unknown, at least we can say that soccer has a future in American society for sure.

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